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Running Your Project
We very much hope that you choose Grout Masters to do your remodeling project and should you do so, you can expect that we will:
Deliver the highest quality service and product possible.  We will listen, be courteous and respectful of your time and your home, stay in good communication with you and keep you updated.  We will always immediately handle any concerns should they arise.  We will be clean, well organized, show up on time and work hard.
In addition to the workman or workmen in your home, you will always have access to the Project Manager.

You will know what to expect before we start and we vow to make every possible effort to describe every possible scenario, with its attendant cost, so there are no surprises.  Upon occasion, but not very often, things come up that are impossible to determine until we get in and start ripping stuff out.  Should this happen, we will work with you to keep things in budget.  We will never overcharge you.  We don't like surprises so we work very hard to anticipate things ahead of time.

When we do your estimate we really expect the estimate to be the final price and it rarely goes over that as stated above.  We do your estimate based on the questionnaire we do with you ahead of time.  This is based on your answers and exactly what you're looking for budget and materials wise.  Given a reasonable and realistic budget, there are always ways we can work it out, to get what you want within, that budget.  If you work with us, we will work with you, 100%.
Our references are too numerous to list and as a courtesy to past clients, we don't want the same people called all the time (which is what happens when we only list a few).  The best way to do references is to give you people that are in your area and who have had similar jobs done.  These are available upon request.

Your Ideas / Your Visions
In terms of design and functionality, most people have some idea of what they would like for their bathroom.  A few know exactly what they want and some have little or no idea, just that they want a change - something nicer, more current.

What you want is the most important to us.  That's why we listen carefully and ask a lot of questions.  What is important to you over the long haul?  Is it functionality?  Are you trying to increase the value of your home for resale?  Do you want something stunning but also equally easy to care for?  We want to know.

To determine your needs and wants, as well as how we fit together as a team, we use a thorough questionnaire.  This way, nothing gets lost in the translation and there are no surprises later.

On our first meeting we will go over precisely what you want.  If you are uncertain, we have a design service that will help you through all of that too.  Before we start, we will both have a full understanding and complete agreement on exactly what YOU want and we guarantee that's exactly what you'll get.

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