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Our Qualifications - Why Should You Use Us?
tileIn addition to remodeling, our company also specializes in long term maintenance of all types of tile and grout and has done so for over 10 years.  This gives us a unique perspective and a much broader view than most remodelers and builders.  We can help you get the look you're envisioning while steering you away from materials that are difficult to clean or "newfangled" methods intended to create fancy effects that only end up being a nightmare.  They often don't endure the test of time.

For example, there are many beautiful floor and wall coverings, featured in fine magazines or on display at specialty tile shops. These may be aesthetic, but not always practical. Ease of care and overall maintenance and longevity are often more desirable. Eventually, if cleaning becomes a dreaded chore (or worse, impossible), a beautiful room doesn't look so beautiful anymore.

For over 10 years we have been in the business of cleaning up and repairing work that was not done correctly in the first place.  We keep this from happening to you because we KNOW why there materials have broken down and would never do it that in YOUR house.  We have repaired hundreds and hundreds of tile floors but, in the 10 years of installing them ourselves, we have never had a single call back to repair one of our own.  That says something, doesn't it.

We work together as a team and have high ethical standards. We don't believe that tradesmen can't show up on time (or can't show up at all!). We start and complete our jobs in an efficient manner and in the expected time.

We'll be around. We're not only well established but we're expanding like crazy. Guaranteed work only means something when the company is still around when you need them.

We have tons of references and thousands of happy customers. Much of our work is by word of mouth and we'd like to keep it that way. That means we have to make YOU happy too!
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